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Top 5 Ways to Advertise Rental Property in Boise, ID | Property Management Advice

Understanding how to advertise a rental property will help you find a great tenant faster. There are five specific things you want to include when you advertise a rental property, and we’re sharing those today.

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What to Do if My Tenant Does Not Pay Rent | Boise, ID Property Management Tips

  Many owners ask what to do when they have a tenant not paying rent. Today, we’re answering that question and reminding you that first, you never want to assume that rent has not been paid. Whether you’re a professional … Continue reading

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Benefits of Routine Rental Inspections for Your Boise, ID Investment

A rental inspection is critical for the successful management of your investment property. Some people call them surveys or reviews, but we’re talking about the importance of entering your property at regular intervals during the tenant’s lease term. There are … Continue reading

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