If you’re looking for Boise apartments for rent, here is a list of things you should know to make finding an apartment that fits your needs a snap.

The process of searching for a new place to live can be a pretty daunting thing. But don’t let it stop you from finding the apartment of your dreams. This list of helpful hints and tidbits from Park Place Property Management can help simplify the process and get you through it with the least amount of headache possible. There are many good options for Boise apartments for rent, it just takes a little bit of determination to find the one for you.

Where should you look for Boise apartments for rent?

Boise Apartments for RentThese days there are what seem like a million different places to look for apartments, but how do you know if these places are up to date, reliable, or spamy? There are the places you are used to looking, like craigslist, or the newspaper, but you’re best bet is to connect with a management company or two to see what they have available. Property management companies have listings that may not be available any other place and can help you narrow your search to your specific specifications.

Scheduling a showing with a management company or property owner.

Once you have found a management company or two that you are interested in working with your next step is to schedule several showings to see what they have to offer. During these showings (or walk throughs) the property management representative that shows you the apartments should be able to answer any questions you might have, and can tell you a little about the neighborhood.

What questions to ask.

We know that some people have a hard time remembering to ask all the questions that they intended to ask when they are actually in the thick of things, so we at Park Place Property Management recommend that you take a moment ahead of time to write down any questions that you want to make sure to ask. There are also a few questions that we recommend that everyone asks when touring Boise apartments for rent.

  • What are the lease terms?
  • Are pets allowed? If so is there a fee?
  • How much will I pay up front if I sign a lease?
  • Are there policies concerning guests?
  • What is included with rent, and what is not?
  • Am I allowed to decorate the apartment?
  • Do you require renters insurance?
  • What is the parking situation?
  • What exactly is a “lease?”

Lease is a word we hear used a lot, but how many of us actually understand what it really means? A lease is defined as a contract that conveys land or property to another party for a specified amount of time and in return for regular payment. What does a lease do? It protects both parties (Owner and Renter) by specifying the terms agreed upon in order for the renter to rent the property from the property owner, or manager. Knowing this will help you in your search for Boise apartments for rent.

What exactly is a security deposit?

Boise Apartments for RentSimply put, a security deposit is a sum of money that a landlord require from the renter to be put aside to be used in case the tenant should damage the property, or otherwise violate the terms of the lease. In the case of Boise apartments for rent the security deposit is usually the amount of one or two months’ rent, and due at the time the lease is signed. When the lease is up, the landlord must return toe security deposit if no damage is done, and no violations of the lease occurred. If there was damage, the landlord may use the deposit, or a portion of it, to repair the damage and return what is leftover, if there is any.

Tenant expectations and liabilities.

When renting an apartment there are certain things that are expected from you as a responsible tenant. Some, but not all, of those things are listed below:

  • Pay the rent on time.
  • Permit entry (with proper notice) for repairs.
  • Keep your rental unit as clean and safe as possible.
  • Dispose of garbage and other waste in a safe and clean manner.
  • Use heating, air conditioning and any appliances properly.
  • Fix anything that you may break or damage.
  • Provide appropriate notice before leaving.

Property management responsibilities.

Something to keep in mind in your search for Boise apartments for rent is that just like there are things expected of you as a tenant, there are things that you should expect from your landlord or property management company. The items listed below are a few, but not all the things you should expect:

  • Comply with health, safety, housing and maintenance standards.
  • Maintain the property in a good state of repair.
  • Not interfere with the reasonable enjoyment of the tenants and their guests.
  • Not interfere with, harass, or obstruct the tenant.

What are ground for evictions?

Eviction is something that is not pleasant for either party, and as such is something to be avoided where at all possible. Park Place Property Management has put together a short list of the top legal reasons for evictions.

  • Non payment, or late payment. This is probably the most common reason for eviction, and is pretty self explanatory. If you stop paying your rent, or are consistently late with it you may face eviction.
  • Violations of lease agreement. If your lease says that you can’t do something, and you do it, you could be evicted.
  • No longer renting. If your landlord should decide that they want to take the property of the market and no longer rent it out, then you may be evicted.
  • Sale. The property owner may sell the property.

What a tenant is expected to do when they move out.

Boise Apartments for RentWhen you have decided to move on and move out, there are things that are expected of you. The first thing is to give notice. The specific amount of notice required depends on what you agreed upon in your lease. The next thing is as simple as getting out. After you vacate, you are going to need to clean up. This is done for several reasons, one of which is to get the max amount of your security deposit back as possible. Another thing expected from you as a tenant is to fix anything that you may have damaged in your time renting the property.

We at Park Place Property Management hope that these hints and lists prove helpful in your search for Boise apartments for rent. If you have any questions, give us a call, we’re happy to help.

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