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Understanding how to advertise a rental property will help you find a great tenant faster. There are five specific things you want to include when you advertise a rental property, and we’re sharing those today.

Advertise Your House for Rent: Pictures

Pictures of the units are critical to any rental ad, and you want to make sure the photos give an accurate representation of the property. Take the photos with good lighting, and have them angled well. You want people to clearly see the rooms, the front yard and the backyard, as well as the garage. These pictures should provide a good layout of what they’re getting.

How to Advertise Property for Rent: Virtual Tours

Not a lot of landlords or Boise property management companies provide virtual tours, so if your ad has one, it will set you apart. Virtual tours are effective because they allow prospective tenants to take a tour and feel like they’re there. Some people move to the area from out of state or out of town, or they may not have the time to go to showings. A 3-D tour is especially beneficial, because tenants can see every room, including the dimensions. It’s an easy way to know if a couch or a bed will fit.

How to Advertise a Rental Property: Descriptions

You also need a great description when you advertise rental property. People will be reading a lot of ads and checking for amenities. Everyone has a wish list when they’re searching for rentals, so make sure your description includes the property’s top features, such as newer paint, new carpet, granite counters, and anything that you consider a top selling point. Your descriptions should be grammatically correct and error-free. Space the copy well so there isn’t one long paragraph that’s hard to read.

Advertising Your Rental: Catchy Tag Line

When you advertise your house for rent, you need a catchy title. People are searching sites like Craigslist, where there are lots of ads, and you want yours to stand out. We recommend stating the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the tag line, and a quick blurb highlighting the property’s best features. Those might be a swimming pool, a fireplace, or a washer and a dryer. You want to catch the reader’s attention and set your ad apart from the others.

Advertise a Rental Property: Contact Information

Contact information is perhaps the most important part of your ad, and something that people will often forget. Include your website or instructions on how to set up a showing. Make sure this information is easy to find.
pexels-photo-461077Incorporating these five tips into your rental property advertising should decrease your time on market and increase your prospects and applications. If you have any questions about advertising or property management in Boise, ID, please contact us at Park Place Property Management.

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