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Myths of Investing in Bankruptcy Real Estate

The fact that bankruptcy involves the Federal government often intimidates investors. This intimidation, although understandable, is largely due to a lack of education and experience. And when you consider the current economic climate, it’s only common sense to realize that … Continue reading

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What’s a Better Investment? Buying Multifamily or Single Family?

Most experienced real estate investors think of this question as a bit ridiculous. The answer is always IT DEPENDS. Here are good reasons for investing in both. Single Family Home (SFH) Depending on the city/area, typically SFH appreciate faster than … Continue reading

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What Monopoly Can Teach Us About Investing

Lesson One – Always Keep Cash on Hand This is perhaps the most important lesson in both the game and financial world. To win Monopoly you have to be the last player left, in other words, the last one to … Continue reading

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