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What is the Ownership Information?

This section lays out what properties you own and the amount of the security deposit that is held by Park Place Property Management in a seperate Security Deposit Trust Account.

What is Owner Disbursements?

This section displays what payments have been made to the owner for each property in the last 90 days.

When do I get paid?

Owner disbursement processing begins on te 6th of each month. Payments processed on the 6th through the 8th are initiated on the payment date but are not actually deposited until the 10th of each month.If the 10th falls on a weekend the deposit will occur the next business day. Payment processing continues each day through the 15th of the month and then is processed once per week until the end of the month. At the end of the month any bank balances are paid out dated the last day of the month but typically are not deposited until the 3rd to the 5th of the following month. Direct deposit is available by filling out the direct deposit form available in the owners section under the "forms" tab. Or click here to fill out our direct deposit form and email it to or fax to (208)376-3884.

What is Work Orders "Open"?

This section displays work orders that are in the process of completion. Work orders include everything from maintenance service calls, bi-annual inspections, move-out turn-arounds, and move-in inspections. To see more detail on any given work order, simply double click on the work order item and it will open and show more specific details.

What is Work Orders "Closed"?

This section displays all past work orders that have been resolved. To see more detail on any given work order, simply double click on the work order item and it will open and show more specific details.

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What is the Owner Statement report?

This report is a Profit and Loss statement with Beginning (at the top) and Ending Bank Balances (at the bottom). The Beginning Bank Balance is a summary of the previous month's activity and typically, this balance will be zero. Occasionally, when there are expenses such as move-out costs and urgent utility bills that are paid after all rental proceeds have been disbursed, a negative balance can occur. Negative balances carry forward into the next month and are deducted from the next month's rental proceeds.
Revenues and expenses are summarized into line items and calculated into a net income or net loss. To see details of Revenues and Expenses, see Unit Transaction Detail and Trust Account Detail reports.
Park Place Property Management will upload an end of month owner statement to your Notes section by the 5th of the following month.
NOTE: Owner payout processing begins after the fifth of each month, actual disbursements will begin on the 10th of each month, continue each day until the 15th and then pay out once per week until the end of the month.

What is the Trust Account Detail report?

This report provides detail for the revenue and expense line items that show on the Owner Statement. Shows names of vendors, dates and amounts paid to those vendors.

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This section displays the transaction history and notes of each property.

Change Password

If you would like to change the password that takes you to the Owner Portal, you can change it in this section.

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Sign up to Access Your Owner Portal

You can now access your account online through your Owner Portal! This enables you to view your property account(s) in a whole new way! Once you are paid, we will send out a notice of payment/deposit and you will then be directed to your owner portal where you can view:

  • Your Statement: All current and past statements are available at your finger tips.
  • Payment History: The last 90 days of payments will be available so that you can easily reconcile your bank statements.
  • Unit Transaction Detail: Tenant charges, payment amounts, and dates payments were made.

We have the ability to customize your Owner Portal to give you the information that you want when you want it.

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